Researching Coffee in Porto

I drink a lot of coffee. But I love espresso -- which should not be confused with drinks that are made with espresso (mocha, cafe latte, can keep that stuff). Just a tiny cup, a little spoon, a wisp of sugar, and some of that wonderful nectar of the gods.

I was recently in Portugal and anytime I'm in there, I find myself popping into a lot of different cafés during the day for a quick espresso. I love the ritual, not to mention the coffee. Unfortunately, I was finding disappointment in some of those little cups. I kept thinking to myself, "How can I be in one of the greatest espresso/coffee countries in the world and have disappointing espresso?" The answer came completely by accident while I was out with a friend. She told me that each café will carry a certain brand of espresso and they will advertise it so you know what you're getting yourself into. Either outside on their sign, on the cups/saucers, on the espresso machine, or even on a sign behind the counter there will be an advertisement for the brand of espresso they serve. BRILLIANT. Of course, each espresso brand has their own selection of beans and level of roasting. Torrié, Delta (there are three different varieties under this one brand), Buondi, Cafés Christina, Sical, and many more. Of course I had to do some research and taste a lot of espresso at a lot of cafés so that I could be sure what brands I liked.

It's Delta Ouro (Delta Gold) for me. It's a darker, richer roast that perks your tongue and brain right up. If you make a trip to Portugal, I encourage you to do plenty of research while you're there so that you will always be able to find a café carrying your favorite brand of espresso.