Drinking on the 4th of July

The 4th of July seems like a prime time to celebrate American wine. The most patriotic of holidays calls for the most patriotic of all wines, probably. I know what you’re all thinking, “Dave is going to recommend something European because he likes to be contrary.” You’re right, I am going to recommend something French: Beaujolais. But I like to think that I recommend this particular region because it’s a way to celebrate France’s contribution to the American Revolutionary War (is that actually why I do it? No. I actually do it because Beaujolais is delicious and a great summer wine).

Beaujolais is great for the 4th of July for several reasons. It’s a lighter style red with plenty of refreshing acidity and great fresh fruit flavors. This combination makes you want to go back for another sip; it’s deliciously drinkable. Beaujolais is also fantastic for the 4th of July because, at least in Minnesota and Southern California, it’s HOT on the 4th of July. I’ve had plenty of 105° 4th of Julys and it’s nice to drink a refreshing red that is light in body. It doesn’t weigh you down or overpower you with big, bold, overblown flavors. Beaujolais are also light in tannins (traditionally) and because of that you can put a little chill on it and help keep you cool. The little bit of chill also keeps those fruit flavors fresh and bright. Delicious! Another reason to seriously consider Beaujolais for your 4th of July festivities (or summer festivities in general) is because it’s a great match to BBQ and grilling. I dare you to find a traditional BBQ/grilled cut of meat that Beaujolais doesn’t compliment. Burgers? Definitely. Hot dogs and brats? Sure. Chicken? You bet. Ribs? Yep. Whole roasted pig? Yes. You get the idea.

Long story longer, it’s clear that Beaujolais is a great choice for your 4th of July drinking. Between it’s delicious flavors and summer friendly style (and don’t forget France’s contribution to American history!) a rockin’ bottle of Beaujolais will make your 4th of July a great one.


Here are a few Beaujolais, in no particular order, to drink this summer:

Domaine Diochon Moulin-a-Vent

Jean Foillard Morgon

Chateau Cambon Beaujolais

Georges Duboeuf Morgon Jean-Ernest Descombes (or honestly, most of Duboeuf's Cru bottlings are simple and tasty)

Chateau Thivin Côte de Brouilly

M. Lapierre Morgon

Clos de la Roilette Cuvée Tardine Fleurie